Frequently Asked Questions



Does the service module integrate with the damage monitoring program?
The service program and the damage monitoring program can be integrated with all other modules.
Can we create a new vehicle record without creating a repair card in the service module?
You can register your vehicle and customer records without creating an acceptance card using the New Registration (Alt + K) option in Service Operations / Maintenance-Repair Operations / Registered Cars.
How can we get an the situation of an inventory report?
We can use the Inventory Management / Inventory Financial Reports / Inventory option. You can get the inventory report according to the desired method (Lifo-Fifo-Average) in the desired date range there
Can we define a special discount rate for stock brands to current card?
By using the Register (Alt + C) button on the Current Registry Procedures (F8) screen, entering the current registry screen and using the Group Discount button found here, only the discount rate defined for this mariye brand has been defined.
How can we get the status report?
You can take your balance (debt-receivable) report according to the criteria you want by using Finance / Reports / Current Balance (Detailed), and you can filter by debtor or creditor accounts.
Can we send the statement (statement of account), receipt or invoice via e-mail?
You can make automatic mail sending from within the program by making your corporate mail settings from the Constants menu.
Can we undo a voucher, collection document, or invoice that was accidentally deleted?
If the document you deleted has not been created after the backup, you can return to the preivous day’s backup and copy it back to the desired date.
Can we create our inventory counts on Excel and then transfer it back to the program?
Once you have stored the stock cards that you want to count in the Inventory Registration Process (F9) screen, you can create your count quantities in excel by using the Right Key / Excel Operations / Export to Excel option. When you complete your counting process, you can use the New Registration option in Inventory Management / Inventory Count Entries to select the Warehouse Code you want to enter, enter the required information and create a count document and double click to enter the count detail and import from Excel to import your counts into the program.
How can we change the stock name, custom code, and other registry information of the stock card?
When you find the stock card on the inventory registrer transactions (F9) screen, you can change all the stock information by using the detail (Alt + D) option from the left bottom section and change the stock information by using the change from the bottom left option on the stock card, this will apply to all current cards from stock you can define 5 discount rate. If you do not use the Save (F4) option on exit, your changes will not be saved
Can we just copy a stock card that has the same code and other information with different brand name and create a second stock card?
When you find the stock card on the inventory register transactions (F9) screen and right card copy on the card stock (Ctrl + K) option, you can copy the stock card and write the new brand and code.
How can we add a new barcode code to a card with no barcode code or mutliple barcode codes?
When you find the stock card in the inventory record transactions (F9) screen and enter the barcode (Alt + B) option when you are on the card stock card, you can use the New Registration (Alt + Y) button to display the barcode code on teh screen that you opened, or press OK to make the new barcode to your stock card.You can define more than one barcode code on a stock card, and if you read the code, read the same stock card.
Can we use a barcode system in Infinity? Can we print barcode labels and barcode codes with our own codes or products that do not have a barcode code?
Infinity works with all barcode readers and printers in the market. You can access the barcode label printing area using the Inventory Management / Barcode Operations / Make Barcode Label option. In this area, you can print a barcode label using the Barcode Print option after selecting the card you want top ring the barcode label from the stock table with F2. You can access the stock card with a barcode reader in the barcode – Register Code field int eh inventory table without performing any operation for a card with a barcode label.
How can enter the purchase and sale prices of stock cards?
When the inventory register (F9) is displayed, you can find the stock card and change it by using the Price (Alt + F) button on the bottom right of the card.
Can we change the number of moving stock cards that are stored in the stock cards?
On the Inventory Software Operations (F9) screen of the Supreme Software, you can find the stock card and change it by using the right button and Group Code Change (Ctrl + D) option on the card.
Can we transfer stock cards from Excel to Infinity spare parts program?
After creating the required fields in stock card – inventory code – stock name – inventory price in Excel, you can use right key / Excel operations / Export data from Excel or Export from Excel or Import from Excel option. You can transfer your stock cards.