E-Archive is the invoice in the electronic environment in accordance with the standards set by the Revenue Administration. It is an application covering the creation, storage, presentation and reporting of the electronic environment.

E-Archive enables invoices to be sent to institutions and individuals not included in the e-invoice system in an electronic environment and also to store sent invoices.

First of all, it is mandatory for e-commerce sites whose turnover is above a certain amount.

Only the archived e-archive invoices are reported to the Revenue Administration.

All institutions can request. However, the institution should be included in the e-invoice system first.

Product Features

  • There is no security weakness in the transmission of invoices.
  • It will be archived securely for 10 years.
  • It allows sending invoices via email.
  • It permits to be prepared as a template as in e-mails.
  • The e-archive invoices created within the mont hare reported to you by the integrator company in accordance with the rules and format determined by the Revenue Administration within the following period.
  • It allows easy view without time and space limit.
  • Paper copies are environmentally friendly and cost effective without storage problems.
  • They prevent the distribution of your business thanks to the time savings created by companies in the accounting processes that need to be very fast.
  • By integrating your company with all e-Conversion solutions, it reduces the possible error rates in business processes.
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