Regulations have been made to be communicated in an electronic or paper environment, stored and presented in an electronic environment, are presented to the Presidency in an electronic environment for the purposes of monitoring self-employment certificates issued by self-employed persons fort he purpose of carrying on their professional activities in an electronic environment in accordance with Article 236 of the Taxes Act No. 213, electronic certificates of self-employment 213 published in paper form.   

            E-Self-employment Receipt is not a new type of document; moreover, it has the same legal qualifications with paper self-employment receipt.

Product Features

  • You will reduce your costs with E-Self-Employment Receipt.
  • You will be able to create the entire reporting process easier.
  • You will digitally manage the return and rejection processes of faulty transactions.
  • You will get rid of the costs of tracking the receipt printing.
  • It is digitally stored all your receipts for 10 years.
  • It reduces archival and storage costs and access historical data quickly.
  • It saves time, labor and paper.
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