E-Dispatch is the electronic form of the dispatch in the paper. It is not a new type of document for this reason E-Waybill is no different from paper dispatch. New concept entered into business life on 17th December 2017, and in Official Journal No. 30273 with the general communiqué VUK no. 487, which came into force after publication. This is an e-dispatching, e-self-service, sales confirmation. This communication identifies how these terms are used in these areas.

Product Features

  • The time spent to prepare paper dispatch is reduced to a minimum by e-dispatch. This means saving time and personnel for companies.
  • It provides convenience for reporting.
  • Access to e-dispatches in an electronic environment is measured in seconds with the transportation or control and control moments in the past periods.
  • It provides the advantage of being safely stored for 10 years.
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