E-Invoice solutions developed in accordance with the standards set by the Revenue Administration and in accordance with the legal framework set forth as electronic documents and forwarding of electronic invoices.



What is E-Invoice?


            Electronic Invoice which was implemented in accordance with VUK no. 397 has been effective since March 5, 2010. Its data and standard format are determined by revenue management and the information that should be included in the VUK invoice is performed through the central platform (IOP).

Product Features

  • The stages of preparing a paper invoice, printing, checking, recording, sending, transporting and adding to the archive take approximately 5 days. On the other hand, e-Invoice can be prepared in less than one minute and delivered to the buyer.
  • The E-Invoice provides secure and fast circulation of the invoice between the parties.
  • It will be archived securely for 10 years.
  • Paper copies are environmentally friendly and cost effective without storage problems.
  • It is allowed to send invoices via email.
  • It also permits the preparation of the template as in e-mails.
  • It allows easy viewing without time and space limit.
  • The received e-invoices are transferred to the ERP program collectively.
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