Infinity Damage Tracking Program

Infinity Damage Tracking Program: Damage Software allows you to keep track of all processes starting from the file registration starting with the acceptance of the vehicles coming to the service after the damage and the exit of the vehicle from the service and the closure of the file.

            The damage tracking program allows you to Access vehicle parts from the chassis number and access easily the original spare parts prices, you can carry out expertise and bidding processes without any problems.

Product Features

Appointment tracking system

Detailed acknowledgment screen

Outdoor repairs pool

Repair parts, labor, and consumable inputs

Registered Vehicles

Finished Repairs (All years in one screen)

Adding pictures of damage documents (Incomplete Documents Tracking)

Adding pictures of damage pictures before and after repair and automatic mail to experts

Damage file payment and balance tracking

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Muammer KAYA - Delta Automotive trough Authorized Renault Service
Written on 06/06/2015

We started to work in Auto Service Program and Damage Tracking Program with Yüce Yazilim in 2015. We follow a seamless service with the copany and at the same time spare parts – financial follow-up. We would like to thank Yüce Yazilim family, which has a direct solution to the problems we experienced with the auto service program we used before.

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