Yüce Software is a young, dynamic, innovative and solution-oriented IT company that was established with software developed for the automotive sector in 1999. Yüce Software has become the most suitable software enterprise in this industry for its high standard of service, quality, system infrastructure, and technology.
As Yüce Yazılım, our aim is to provide quality, honesty, solution, and result oriented services, to improve our fields of activity, to keep a customer satisfied in the forefront and to maintain our position in the sector.



B2B sales management systems are nowadays used as a large supply market for many companies with high throughput and a high volume of business. There is an easy option here without being bound to the borders of the country.



You can get rid of time and unnecessary costs by entering data and upgrades with integrated e-commerce software. You can view all the information you add to Infinity modules on your site, the e-Commerce page category – alternative codes – compatible models – alternative stock cards and Infinity-free details with the new technology software.



We know how important your stock is for wholesalers and retailers operating in the spare parts industry. In our program you will also find part numbers, equivalent parts numbers and current part prices.



Perakende satış yapan firmalar için hazırlanmış, E-Ticaret entegrasyonu ve güncel yedek parça fiyat listeleri ile güçlendirilmiş, Elegance Servis Programı ile entegre olarak çalışabilen, yama ve uyarlama içermeyen, birçok farklı program kullanılmasına gerek kalmadan, ihtiyaçlarınızı tek bir program üzerinden giderebilen, Yüce Yazılım Mühendislerinin deneyimleriyle yazılmış, orijinal bir yedek parça programıdır.