Infinity Auto Service Program

Infinity After-Sales Auto Service Program: The Infinity auto service program is designed to meet all the activities of a private or authorized service. You can use the features that are not in other package programs without giving up your old habits with the adaptations to be made in accordance with your demands. Starting with the appointment process damage, supply, current parts prices, insurance, warranty and so on. You can follow all processes from delivery to invoicing to single-stage operation without needing different software. By integrating your corporate website with your system, you can provide information about your customers’ tools on your website.

Infinity Auto Service Program: customers require an image, document, invoice, listing and so on. Your posts can be mailed automatically. You can track future customers easily with a predicted mileage calculation, a futures monitoring system (Casco, Visa, insurance, regular maintenance, and customer information via SMS).

Product Features

  • Appointment tracking system
  • Detailed acknowledgment screen
  • Outdoor repairs pool
  • Repair parts, labor, and consumable inputs
  • Registered Vehicles
  • Finished Repairs (All years in one screen)
  • Fault / Warranty Procedures
  • Campaign Operations (Winter Care etc.)
  • Preventing the sale of products below the cost price
  • Futures Tracking (Periodic Maintenance, insurance, insurance guarantee etc.)
  • Referrer Tracking
  • Estimated Mileage Tracking
  • Non-Service Vehicles Tracking
  • Service Activity
  • Personnel Yield Analysis
  • Spare Parts Sales Reports
  • To be able to follow workmanship and parts amounts separately
  • To use 5 separate discounts in Labor and Parts (15 + 5 + 3)
  • Employee Activity Report
  • ODR – Create reports as you want with operator dynamic reporting
  • Profit-loss monitoring on the basis of repair
  • Vehicle stock tracking
  • Customer complaints and status tracking
  • Damage Management
  • Collection-payment tracking based on insurance companies
  • Insurance companies missing documents follow-up
  • Appraisal and bid transactions
  • Substitute Vehicle tracking
  • Barcode system
  • Final Control Operations
  • Official Accounting – Financing – Service Management from a single screen
  • User and time tracking of deleted-changed-printed operations
  • Registration-Motion-Account-Print-Change-Delete-View etc. User authorization in details
  • Prevent processing in the past
  • Automatic backup to your own location (C: / Backup - F: / FlashSupport - \ networkpath)
  • Excel and price transfer. Thanks to your special Excel transfer module, you can synchronize the columns you want and transfer them to all fields such as current, inventory, financial transactions.
Comments (3)
İsmail YÜCE - Öz Yüce Tourism (Sail Motor Vehicles)
Written on 13/09/2014

In September, we met the service of our company with the service of Yüce Yazilim Infinity. We have started to process our damage processes wih current spare parts price lists and damage tracking module very quickly. Thanks, Yüce Yazilim.

Sedat KALÇA - Usta Otomotiv
Written on 24/10/2014

A program has met all my needs in a complete way since I bought it.

Muammer KAYA - Delta Automotive trough Authorized Renault Service
Written on 06/06/2015

We started working in the auto service program area in 2015 with Yüce Yazilim. We follow a seamless service with the company and at the same time spare parts – financial follow-up. We would like to thank Yüce Yazilim family, which has a direct solution to the problems we experienced with the auto service program we used before. We would like to thank you for your extra spare parts prices.

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