Elegance Spare Parts Program



Elegance Spare Parts Program is built for retailers, powered by e-Commerce integration and up-to-date spare part price lists. It is an original spare part program written with experience.


Needs Test

Mark the one closest to you.

I work in the spare parts sector, vehicle-based, mastery-based, customer-based and multi-sales company. I want to turn these records instantly when I need an invoice.

I prepare a price list for every customer coming from the door, I need to convert the price list that I create into the invoice.

We sell through e-Commerce site but we do not have an integrated system, so we have to enter a continuous record. We have to open a customer car given to a customer who will not come for the second time and we are constantly filling the current table, we have difficulty in reaching our fixed customers because of empty cards. 

As the current spare part prices cannot be automatically transferred to our system. I have to ask constantly the price of different systems or telephone.

We cannot switch to a barcode system due to the confusion caused by the barcode number and the number of products with different barcode numbers.

We have not been able to find a system that we can use to process our stock cards for years.


If you say yes to any of them


We know the problems you are experiencing, we are developing our software for you to recover your lost time. You can reach us from our contact information.

Product Features

Financing Tracking (Check-Note-Bank-Cash)

Detailed Mizan (Debt-Credit Status Report)

Inventory Management (Barcode-Buy-Sell-Count-Invoice-Offer)

Spare Parts Prices

Counting Module

Series Sales

Multi-company tracking

Minimum-maximum inventory tracking

Compatible brand model tracking

Unlimited OEM Code Identification

E-Commerce integration

Add unlimited images to products

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