Companies, buyers and sellers (dealers, suppliers, and all other business partners) regularly carry out BA / BS, Current Statement and Balance reconciliation by moving to the opposite side of the electronic media (e-mail) as the e-mail and 7/24 company on behalf of the Internet is the service that collects and reports the answers.

 It is legally obligated to make BA / BS reconciliations, but it is not compulsory to waste cost, time and labor in the process.

            Each company can upload current information to the system and retrieve information from the counterparties easily. KEP (Registered Electronic Mail) is your legal basis.

 Automatic calculation of the current balance by the system, the bulk of the BA / BS information sent by the customer/supplier on a mass basis, the incoming confirmation and rejection of the results of the aggregate display and all of these processes can be followed on a single screen. It will be easier than ever before.

            You will not have to search for companies one by one at the end of each month and make your reconciliations faster. It is also more efficient and cheaper.

Product Features

  • End your phone, mail, fax traffic and speed up your processes over the web
  • You can see the previous correspondence agreement.
  • Keep additional documents in all reconciliation correspondence.
  • You will automatically make your memorandums of correspondence by e-mail.
  • You keep track of disputes with information such as current amount, number of documents, explanation, additional documents related to an unrecognized customer.
  • It can save time, labor and paper.
  • Integrity of data
  • Single and multi-transfer advantage.
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