B2B Dealer Management System

Why B2B Dealer Management System?


The B2B Dealer Management System has been developed by Yüce Software Engineers in accordance with international standards by using advanced software technologies. B2B Software is used by medium-sized and large businesses today. Its goal is to eliminate the margin of error in orders received by e-mail, telephone and fax, to accelerate the return to orders and to reach quality standards and to increase profitability.

Thanks to the B2B Dealer Management System, you can easily track the demanding order processes by automatically transferring the shipment note or sales invoice after the approval process of the received orders.

            Using a 3D payment system, you can manage payments with your credit card by tracking your current account balances, current account balances, or entering an order amount if you wish or manually. You can print confirmations and track transactions in the past easily.

You can provide timely and trouble-free deliveries to your customers who can instantly view the status of their orders within the cargo tracking system.

By following the queries of your customers, you can identify the causes of non-ordering initiatives, so you can increase your sales further.

You can give your customers a special feeling. This feeling creates the advantage of identifying with vendors, inventory cards and branding, and creating loyal customer relationships. 

            You can only access the convenience of displaying products to your customers with the brand hiding feature.

            You can control your risks in orders coming from the system by setting clear accounts, documents and total limits to your dealers.

            You can eliminate the reconciliation problems by offering account statements to your dealers.

Product Features

  • Main menü and submenus to be shaped according to a user request
  • Stock image and status to display
  • Campaign and new product information
  • Dynamic will change banner or announcements
  • Basket and order operations
  • Search by item (with Google logic)
  • View current transaction (seller)
  • Current risk control  
  • Cargo tracking (dealer)
  • Alternative (equivalent stock) display
  • Backorder tracking
  • Category, serial and wide search features
  • Management panel (order confirmation, customer registration, password and authorization, issuer identification, stock management, dealer licensing)
  • Installment payment tracking
  • Commission calculation credit card installments
  • Valuer calculation
  • Block customer base
  • Customer – product demonstration according to some manufacturers
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Product return management mode
  • Free virtual integration (moka, payu, paynet).
  • Installation module for bulk installation
  • Based on the positive and negative results of the product-based product queries
  • Customer – shopping card, customer name, and payment
  • Virtual services and information
  • Device compatibility (telephone, tablet etc.)
  • Catalog management
Comments (3)
Yadigar AYDIN - Eray Reklam
Written on 09/12/2014

We started using B2B Dealer Order Program in 2014. It facilitated the work of our dealers and customers with the integration of Logo Tiger and its use in tablets. The fall in orders from the B2B dealer ordering program integrated into the Logo Tiger also reduced the margin of error and the unnecessary load on personnel. Thank you to Yüce Yazilim for B2B system which works seamlessly with integrated Logo Tiger.

Mustafa KAYA - Borakaya Automotive
Written on 09/12/2014

We integrated Logo go with B2B software. The process of collectiong from our customers with 3D virtual pos payment system has become quite easy. Integrating with the logo go plus does not enter my unnecessary data. It is a very useful feature to use as a B2B ordering program as desktop and website.

Mehmet Berk Tunc - Marmara Global Automotive (SPJ)
Written on 09/12/2014

We have been working with B2B software on Infinity spare parts program for about 10 years. We use the B2B Dealer Order Program in a problem-free manner.

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