Infinity Spare Parts Program

Infinity Auto Spare Parts Program: We know how important actions and stocks are for you, wholesalers and retailers working in the spares sector.

            We have developed the Infinity Spare Part Programs exclusively for the automotive industry in line with the negotiations and demands we received with the leaders of the industry. This module contains the solution of many problems you have encountered or not yet encountered. You can also find the part numbers, equivalent part numbers and the current part prices in our program.

            Infinity Spare Parts Program. It is a spare parts module which is reinforced with the integration of B2B and B2C modules designed for wholesalers and retailers. You can upload automatically both purchases and inventory records in one minute in 2 minutes with the option of transferring your purchases to the market with the option of transfer option.

Product Features

  • Consignment inventory tracking
  • Alternative track tracking
  • OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) no tracking
  • Changing number tracking
  • Changing price tracking
  • Formal accounting and financial management
  • Search by content (with Google logic)
  • Stock – Carton – Cargo
  • Custom barcode label and automatic serial number tracking
  • Official notebook dump
  • BA / BS report
  • Detailed VAT Report (1% - 8% - 18%)
  • Automatic voucher number configuration
  • Service / Cost Tracking
  • Automatic reconciliation, custom post
  • Installment payment tracking
  • Automatic voucher number configuration
  • Service / Cost Tracking
  • Automatic reconciliation, custom post
  • Installment payment tracking
  • Commission calculation in credit card installment
  • Valuer calculation
  • Stock count entry by entering the current amount
  • New Year census inventory
  • Inventory costs can be taken according to accounting methods such as average, fifo and lifo
  • Moving / Sleeping stock tracking
  • Multi-warehouse-branch tracking
  • Shelf location – warehouse based on quantity tracking
  • Brand – Stock – Cost-based discount identification
  • Detailed Purchasing Supply – Marketing Sales Tracking
  • Management of received orders and management of backorder
  • Import transactions (Supplier-based on best price report)
  • Daily exchange rates are automatically converted from T.C.M.B.Website – E-commerce – B2B and so on. One-to-one integration with all systems
  • Unreliable tracking of shipping bills
  • Stock inventory
  • Cost-effective product
  • Easy to follow order system by determining a minimum – maximum quantity
  • User and time tracking of deleted-changed- printed operations
  • Registration-Motion-Account-Print-Change-Delete-View etc. User authorization in details
  • Automatic backup to your own location (C: / Backup - F: / FlashSupport - \ networkpath)
  • Price transfer from and to Excel. Thanks to our special Excel transfer module, you can synchronize the columns you want and transfer them to all fields such as customer, inventory, financial transactions.
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