B2C (Business to Customer)

In our age, we are witnessing the increasing use of e-commerce. Online stores, which provide a great advantage for store owners and consumers, are preparing to double the volume in 2019. Clothing, technology, spare parts, automobiles, food and e-retailing flow in almost every sector will continue its way as a new trend.

In addition to physical stores, the online store has many advantages. It is easy to have the same customer capacity with the help of online stores and to achieve the same sales volume without having to spend much more such as store chains, dozens of employees, rent costs and so on. While you can only sell to your own environment in your physical store, you will be able to reach thousands or even millions of consumers regardless of your colaction on your e-commerce site and expand your customer range. The changing conditions of companies, the economy, in the direction of developing technology in order tos tay behind in the industry should follow the innovative trend and should benefit from these innovations.

As a result of all these developments, Yuce Yazilim team continues its path by providing full support to its cusomers in e-commerce software. In addition to many software companies that selle Commerce, Supreme Software, E-commerce and erp system integration through the automatic transfer of the store owners are carrying out. Inventory information, list of compatible vehicles, oem codes from your inventory tracking program pulling the system without periodicals to update the data revised periodically revises your information. It is possible to create an order record in the order of e-commerce. Thanks to our projects that can be integrated with all banks in terms of online payment, give your customers a smooth shopping process. Again, alternative payment systems such as PayU, Paynet, Mokapos, Iyizico use in our projects. In addition to all these processes, we can load the stocks in the system of big companies that you buy products to your online store with Web Service and we can provide them to be kept up to date. You can create your own price policy fort he related products and open them for sale.

Apart from your online store, Yuce Yazilim offers you virtual market integration services. N11, Hepsiburada.com virtual warehouse environments by opening the store to help you increase your sales volume.

For example, after creating your store at N11.com, we send and update your products in bulk. We create your price, shipping and payment policies and publish your products.

We follow e-commerce activities, advantages and benefits of you since 1996 and we share and implement all innovations with you. Start your online store sales under Yuce Yazilim. Yuce Yazilim is at your side whenever you need it.

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