E-Commerce Software

Your Goals with the Supreme Software E-Commerce System

"One step ahead"

 E-Commerce Software helps you get rid of time-consuming and unnecessary costs by entering data and upgrades.

Supreme Software Modules integrated with all employee E-Commerce Software, card stock 1 Million in a short time as 10 minutes can be transferred to your website. You can view all the information you add to Infinity modules on your website with the new technology software. Moreover, you can manage your e-Commerce web easily without the knowledge of the site.

Thanks to its adaptive responsive technology, it works according to the size of the device that customer is using currently and provides a full-screen view of the tablet-mobile phone and all smart devices. In addition, it eliminates unnecessary mobile application costs. Your company can improve the perceived quality of your company through advanced technology. This can be done with a 3D payment card system and 256-bit SSL security certificate.

You can place your search on the top of the Google search engine with the help of SEO Module without any additional fees and additional modules, so you can increase your sales much more than your expectations.

Product Features

  1. İntegration with ERP System
  2. Loading the batch image
  3. User-based software application
  4. Integration of Sanalpos (moka, payu, paynet)
  5. Payments and payment information with mail
  6. To see the customer's basket
  7. Special payment module
  8. Uncontrolled slider
  9. An alternate product, OEM code, and part-compatible tools
  10. User blocking
  11. Cargo head
  12. Querying user based search images
  13. Compatibility with a device (mobile, tablet, etc)
  14. Product scoring and interpretation
  15. Blog management
  16. Belt match module
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